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We have established an outstanding track record of helping organisations to develop and reposition their brand through brand development and improvements to visual identity. 

A full rebrand can be a costly affair, so we often suggest a brand refresh following consultation with key stakeholders. Below are some examples of brand and identity work we have undertaken for clients. 

One of the key findings from our initial review work with WMC was that the college had a confused brand. Following a comprehensive brand consultation, we developed a new name, logo, colourways and website to support the growth needed for digital presence.

We worked with Loddon School, Foundation and Training to refresh their brand. Following consultation with the teams on site, we developed a new logo, naming conventions and website as a key brand carrier.

When WBTC (West Berkshire Training Consortium) commissioned us our first port of call was a very simple brand refresh. The existing logo was difficult to use and had little connection with the organisation.
Sparsholt HEHaving worked both in-house and as consultants to Sparsholt College Hampshire, we were well placed to develop a new brand for the university-level courses at the college. Using the existing logo we developed a new identity using purple and gold to give a sense of prestige. 

WFCG Brand Implementation
We have worked with Windsor Forest Colleges Group for a number of years. Following a brand consultation, we found that the logos and colours were well established, however the implementation of the brand was confused and lacked impact. We have developed the brand over the years as we wanted to tell the true stories and culture of each college. Each college has a very distinct identity, but they are all part of one group – the challenge was to bring the colleges together, but ensure they kept their own personalities. 

By identifying and developing key brand attributes such as image style, colourways, design styling, logo, straplines and tone of voice our clients have been able to get a sense of change. This is often the launchpad for new campaigns, approaches and marketing for many institutions.