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We started working with Richmond Adult Community College (RACC) in 2015. The Principal commissioned a review of marketing which led onto a long term relationship with us leading the in-house team and managing the development and implementation of the college’s marketing strategy.

We also led on the communications and brand development following the college’s merger with Hillcroft College in 2017 which saw the formation of the newly named Richmond and Hillcroft Adult and Community College (RHACC).

We are still retained by the college and continue to manage the delivery of the marketing strategy and have recently been working with the executive on a more streamlined and integrated front of house and admissions service. During our time at RHACC we have completed and achieved the following:

  • A comprehensive review of marketing and development of marketing strategy

  • A brand awareness study to underpin the development of the post-merger brand

  • The updating of the brand guidelines and the synchronisation of a suite of sub-brands and new colourways and palette

  • The updating of all college signage on both campuses

  • Learner research to inform the development of the women-only offer at Hillcroft and a review of residential provision

  • A new digital strategy – including a new website, improved social media presence, integrated e-mailing system and digital advertising on the Google network

  • A complete overhaul of the design and structure of the course guides and an improved distribution system to reach key target audiences

  • A more strategic and targeted approach to Out Of Home advertising

  • The development of the new branding for The Bridge Workspace and the separate marketing strategy for this and the commercial offer at RHACC

  • Improved stakeholder communications

  • The recruitment and training of the in-house team

  • The result has been a stabilisation in learner recruitment against a backdrop of declining funding and adult engagement in learning

  • Embedded metrics and reporting to governors.